Saturday, November 21, 2009

Absolutely Fantastic Apple Bread

This bread was so great. It has a crunchy sweet crust and a super soft middle. I made 8 mini loaves, 4 to freeze and 4 for breakfast. I'll be making more soon! I love having things like this in my freezer for easy breakfasts.

Apple Bread

1 c. oil
3 eggs
2 c. sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
3 c. apples, diced (4 apples)
3 c. flour

Mix together everything BUT the apples and flour. Add the apples and flour and stir until the flour is mixed in. The batter will be really thick. Spoon into 2 regular or 8 mini loaf pans. Bake at 350 for around 40 minutes for minis and 60 minutes for regular loaves. Cool 10 minutes in pans unless you're cooking in silicone, like me, then you can cool completely in pans before removing.


Audra said...

Yummo! I am going to make some tonight for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks so much for posting this, I have a bushel of apples and was wondering what I should make beside apple sauce.

This looks amazing....

marion said...

Thanks Angie, for sharing your lovely receipes with us!

This apple bread looks particularly interesting :)

The Garden of Egan said...

Sounds so good. Fun for breakfast.

Audra said...

This recipe has something wrong with it. I mixed them up, baked them, and put them on the table to cool. I guess sitting in the air makes them invisible or evaporate. They simply disappeared.

Making a new batch tonight to share with co-workers at luncheon tomorrow. This time I will be sure to lock these lovelies away so they don't disappear. Good thing the son and hubby are away until Wednesday night!