Book a Class

Book a class:
I love teaching! If you'd like to hire me to teach a class for your Young Women's group, Girls' Night Out group or Enrichment Night, the fee is $50 for two hours (set up, an hour of teaching, clean up) within 10 miles of American Fork, Utah.  For locations further than 10 miles away, contact me for rates.

Handouts are included in the price.  Ingredients/supplies are additional.  Depending on the class there may not be ingredients or supplies needed.  We can also make it as hands-on as you like.

Sample class topics:

-Instant Pot Cooking
-Retro Fashion and Hair
-Food Storage/72 Hour Kits
-Homemade Beauty Treatments
-Freezer Meals and Ideas
-Quick Meal Ideas
-Simple Crafts for Entertaining
-Easy Candy Making
-Water bath or Pressure Canning
-Holiday Recipes, Party Ideas or Crafts
-Kid's Party Ideas and Recipes
-Recipe Demonstrations

-You choose the topic!  If I can do it, I can teach it!

Email Angie at for more information or to book a class!