Saturday, July 19, 2008

pioneer handkerchief doll

This is another fun pioneer craft idea that would work great as a pioneer family home evening activity. It's really easy and makes a cute little doll.

Materials needed:
handkerchief, bandana, or any square piece of fabric
4 pieces of ribbon,
small amount of batting, cotton balls or kleenex
Fold your fabric in half to make a triangle.
Place your triangle point-side-down.
Place your batting in between the two folds in the center of your fabric, and gather around it, tying it with a ribbon to make your head.

Tie the left and right points of your triangle with ribbons to make arms.

Make a waist with your last ribbon.
Cut the hands a bit so they aren’t so long.
Separate the bottom pieces into 2 for a boy, or fluff it up to make a skirt for a girl.

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