Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pioneer Button Spinner

A button spinner is a fun and easy pioneer activity. They are also called whirligigs. If you're looking for a simple craft idea for a pioneer family home evening... this is it.

2 1/2 feet of heavy string
1 largish button with 2 or 4 holes

Thread your button through two diagonal holes. Tie the ends of the thread together. Holding the thread with a finger on each hand, twirl the button until the thread is pretty tight. Stretch it out and pull to make the button spin. Pull hard stretching and then relaxing the string. This takes practice to keep it going, but once it does it's really cool! Check out the short video of a button spinner in action. 


Ann said...

My mother made my kids button spinners years ago. Their friends were jealous that their grand-ma's didn't do fun things like that with them. My kids still have their spinners she made and still play with them when they want to de-stress from the "teenage woes".

Nancy said...

When we were children (40+ years ago), we played with button spinners until our fingers felt like they were being cut by the string! My mother could never keep any large flat buttons in her button drawer - they were all made into spinners. We liked the sound the button made when the spinner was touched to a table or other solid surface.

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