Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pioneer Family Night

We love celebrating Pioneer Day (July 24th in Utah).  At our last pioneer family activity we had a couple of the kids prepare pioneer stories to share, sang pioneer primary songs, made kettle corn over the stove with everyone taking a turn at the crank, made butter and we had a full pioneer dinner with authentic recipes. It was a blast. The kids all dressed up and had a lot of fun. Here are some other great pioneer FHE ideas we've done:

-play old fashioned games like potato sack races, wheel barrow races, three legged races and a stick pull
-try pioneer candies, like horehound
-eat a pioneer dinner by candlelight or outside
-watch a movie about pioneers, our favorite is The Legacy
-make butter, place cream into jars with lids, have every take turns shaking, when you think it'll never happen, then wow... you have butter.
-cook popcorn over the stove, either in a heavy pot, or in a stovetop popcorn popper
-read pioneer histories, either from your own family, or search online for some great ones
-buy a metal tub and a scrubbing board (I've seen them at hispanic markets around town for pretty cheap) and let everyone take a turn "washing" laundry

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