Monday, July 14, 2008

Baseball Birthday Party Idea for 7 Year Old Boy

Hi!  Thanks for visiting The American Homemaker!  Birthday parties are so much more than a party!  A birthday party is a memory you're building for your child! 

My son, Caleb's 7th birthday party was so much fun! We had the birthday boy, three friends, a cousin and a sister participate. 

We started with singing the national anthem to a Lee Greenwood CD while the birthday boy held up a flag. We painted baseballs on all the boys' cheeks.

They played knock down the cans. I saved my fruit cans for a while to make the game. I have a Pampered Chef can opener, which breaks the seal instead of cutting the can. I washed the cans out and made sure they were all dry. I filled them partially with dirt and used a tough rubber cement to glue the lids back on. I then removed the wrappers and covered the cans with scrapbooking paper. The boys used a hard rubber baseball to knock down the cans. I let them each have two throws per turn. They loved it. They played over and over again.

They had a sunflower seed spitting contest. We saw who could spit the highest and the furthest. They spit tons of seeds.

They played a bean bag toss game that I made out of foam board and the box my fan came in. It was tough because the holes were small, so instead of hitting the hardest like the can game, they had to aim really well.

We played a mini baseball game with water balloons. I pitched to them. When they hit the balloon they got to run around the bases. It was funny how they judged themselves on how well they thought they did. If they barely hit it, they just ran to first. If they whacked it hard they figured they should get a home run. After we got through about half of the 100 water balloons I let them throw the rest at each other.

We decorated foam pennants I got at Michaels Craft for a buck a piece. The foam letters and stars were peel and stick. I had my 11 year old help with the craft while I put the finishing touches on lunch (like throwing the hot dogs in the microwave and pouring drinks). At each activity the kids got a ticket for participating.

At the concessions stand, they had to pay five tickets to get their kid's pack.

The boxes for the kid's packs were cardboard that little chip bags come in at the dollar store. I painted them blue. The cups are Zoo Pals. I bought them a long time ago at Big Lots and never had a reason to use them. They are pretty cool. The top folds down and makes a lid and a straw fits in it. We also had baseball cupcakes, ketchup, chips, kettle corn, a napkin and a hot dog in the kid's pack. I wrapped the hot dogs in wax paper and held it together with a flag pick.

They loved it. It was "real baseball food" to them. We then sang Happy Birthday and the birthday boy blew out his candle.

This was such a simple cake, but he loved it!

I made a small cake in a round pyrex bowl with some of the cupcake batter. I told him as I was making it that he should dig in without any hands after he blew out the candle. He's quite the clown, so he did it.

After lunch while parents came they played with a bunch of baseball shaped water bombs. I had bought several packages. They all had fun throwing them at each other.

Goodie bags were small white favor bags with a baseball cut-out glued on the front. They contained a mini trophy, a mini Baby Ruth bar, a small sports bottle powdered candy and a small bag of roasted peanuts. Almost everything for the party came from the dollar store. The party was very inexpensive and the boys had an absolute blast!!!

What was the most memorable birthday party you had a child?  What is the most fun party you've thrown for your own children?

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