Friday, May 20, 2016

Pretty Pink Princess Party

It's always been my dream to throw myself a princess birthday party!  Why do kids get to have all the pretty princess fun?  When researching ideas for my party I found that most fancy princess parties on Pinterest were thrown for one year olds!  One?  I wanted to host a princess party for grown-up women to dress up and feel fabulous!  You're never too old to be a princess! 

These beautiful mini cakes were the party favors.  Each lady got to take home a pretty cake on a cake stand made from vintage china.

We had a couple more princesses show up after this picture was taken, but you can see that everyone princessed up!  It was fabulous to be surrounded by so many beautiful women!  Everyone was invited with plenty of notice to find a dress.  I ordered mine from Amazon.  The pink taffeta was so lovely.   Amazon also had great prices on petticoats!  I found my sparkly diamondy shoes and gold shrug from thrift stores.  Finding the perfect dress was such a fun part of the party.

My daughters teased me that all my friends are way too loud!  They said that they couldn't believe so many people could be laughing so hard all night... I say that's a good sign!  We were all having a blast!

We played an ice breaker bingo game.  It was a lot of fun finding ladies to initial the squares.  I had small prizes for the first three people who got BINGO.  Most of the people at the party didn't know each other, so the game was a great way to find out interesting facts about each other.  After the game was over I read each square out loud and had everyone raise their hand who fit the square.  I don't think there were many shy ladies at the party, so an ice breaker wasn't totally necessary, but it sure was fun!

Pink cotton candy is my favorite!  Placed in nut cups and topped with crowns cotton candy looks adorable!

Setting everything up was so much fun!  I had a couple of great friends come early to help me get everything ready.

Pink meringue cookies are so princessy!  I totally want to play with the meringue cookie idea more for other events!

I hired a friend to make the meringues, scones and mini cakes.  They came out so perfect!

I scoured thrift stores for weeks to find the perfect vintage pieces to make the 20 mini cake plates.

I dressed up bamboo flatware with pretty washi tape.  I planned to use vintage china and silverware, but my daughters convinced me to use disposables so I'd have less dishes to do after my party.

One of the most fun parts of the night was the Italian soda bar.  I ordered several flavors of syrups with pumped to be mixed and matched.  Ginger ale, 7up and sparkling mineral water were the bases.

I purchased plastic cups with dome lids from a restaurant supply company.  Everyone was able to decorate their cup with stickers.  They came out really cute, plus it was easy to tell which cup was whose.  The instructions were written along the way so everyone knew how to make their drink.  Watermelon was the most popular flavor, which was surprising!  Tiger's blood is one of my favorite snow cone flavors and I learned that strawberry, watermelon and coconut are what goes into tiger's blood.  Yummy!  

Along with the sweets, I served chicken salad, egg salad and cucumber sandwich fillings, along with ham and a variety of cheeses.  Rolls and croissants were purchased from Costco for the sandwich bases.

The cakes made a stunning display!

The cakes were lemon with a vanilla buttercream frosting.  They were delicious!

Several of my friends stayed until midnight.  My friend Cearson and I died laughing at my husband who photobombed our midnight selfie.  The whole night was magical.  It was the best birthday party ever!


Edi griggs halstead said...

Looks like fun was had by all

Edi griggs halstead said...

Looks like fun was had by all

Jason and Michelle said...

How fun! Happy belated birthday!

The Bluebird Camper said...

I want to come to your party,too!
I can tell I'm going to LoVe your blog!!!

Val said...

How sparkly ! I wish I were with you xxx