Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fried Ravioli

Fried ravioli is one of our favorites!  Even my kids who don't like ravioli cooked the traditional way like them fried.  These make a fun appetizer or we've even had them for dinner with a green salad.  Right now my husband and I are focusing on healthy eating, but I can still dream about fried foods, right?

Fried Ravioli

frozen ravioli

egg, beaten with a tiny amount of water

Italian seasoned breadcrumbs & Parmesan cheese (the powdery kind)


Take your frozen ravioli, dip them first in the egg/water mixture, then in the breadcrumb/cheese mixture.  Fry in hot oil until hot all the way through.  Serve with marinara or spaghetti sauce to dip!


Anne Alagna said...

I use flour in my egg instead of water. It makes it thicker and stickier. Since I'm so egg-wash deficient, thick is the only way I can get it to work, on ravioli, chicken breast, anything. I learned the trick on America's Test Kitchen and it works every time.

Angie Toone said...

I'll have to try that!