Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkin Picking

I love fall so much!  I love everything about it!  I love the look of pumpkins and I definitely love pumpkin flavored everything!   I was looking back at a blog posting from 2008 and the recipes shared are STILL my two favorite pumpkin recipes.  Hop over there are check out how little my kids were.  Crazy!  Alyssa and Caleb were so young!  Now they're teenagers!

This year we grew pumpkins in our garden.  We didn't get a ton of pumpkins, but it was still fun to pick them from our own yard.  My nephews Gabe & Baker joined Caleb & Alyssa and picked them all.  Autumn time is the best!

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Bridget said...

That green pumpkin is so rad!