Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cookies & Milk Vintage Garden Party

I love hosting parties!  I especially love hosting parties when I can get a group of ladies together for food and socializing!

I don't shop at Walmart often, but I popped in there one day and couldn't resist their mason jar drink dispensers!  They're perfect for summer-time parties!

Of course mis-matched china plates are one of my very favorite things!  Everything tastes better on vintage china!

I couldn't decide between a 1 gallon glass mason jar dispenser or a 2 gallon plastic one, so I grabbed one of each!

Some of my milk bottles took a field trip out of my living room to dress up my bbq grill for the Cookies & Milk Party...  Yes, I do have a shabby chic pink and white bbq grill *grin*

Small white boxes made perfect containers for our cookie exchange.  The Radio Flyer wagon held them perfectly!

These wafer paper milk bottle labels from Fancy Flours are what sparked the whole Cookies & Milk party theme!  Mine don't look quite as perfect as theirs, but I think they still came out fabulously!

Chopped salad was served in milk glass punch cups.  Get it...  MILK glass (trying to keep with the theme.  haha)

A little Josef Originals vintage mouse was right at home with the food.

Milk bottles, plants and books on gardening worked well as centerpieces.

This toy cow was my grandma's when she was young.

I've been playing a lot with succulents in all sorts of containers.  I think these mini succulent gardens in egg cups are quite cute!

All the tables were set up under my cherry tree, next to our newly planted vegetable garden.

A vintage beverage cart and bucket make for a great dirty dish drop-off and trash can.

This plant stand holds the milk and milk bottles perfectly!  I love the height it adds to the drink table.

The milk can drink dispenser comes from Target.  It was a birthday gift this year and I love it!  To keep the milk cold without watering it down I filled baggies with ice cubes, sealed them up and floated them in the milk.  At the end of the night the leftover milk was still cold!

I love mixing china, milk glass and melmac all together for a vintage yet casual food table!

I served lots of veggies to balance out all the cookies we'd be eating later on!  Placing the same colors of veggies in each veggie bowl gave it a very vintage feel.

Cucumber and cheese sandwiches were served on croissants with veggie chips and crackers.  Very girly and very yummy!

The food was all so delicious and it looked adorable!

I enjoyed every bite of it!  The milk bottles were as cute with lemonade or water in them as they were with milk!

Vintage hats are a must for a garden party!  We all had a great time!

I had each person bring 3 dozen cookies for the cookie exchange.  We had quite the variety!

Moon Pies are such a fun vintage style cookie!

We had everything from first time trying it recipes to old family secret recipes!  I found light blue gingham basket liners & pink bags at Target.  People had the option of putting their cookies in boxes or bags.  Either way they looked cute!

The displays each lady did were just perfect for a garden party!

Everyone not only ate their fill of cookies, they also each went home with a variety of cookies to share with their family!

This party was so much fun!  I've always wanted to host a cookie exchange, but they're usually done during the holidays which is such a busy time!  Having a summer cookie exchange was a great excuse to get friends together and have a blast!


Linda Luke said...

What a great theme! Your cookies look beautiful.

tiff said...

I love this! Such a great idea to shift a cookie fest to the summertime. You did a great job.

Your blog is great. I actually discovered you because I saw your trailer every time I went to Costco and I was like, "A blogger HAS to live there!" :) Glad I found you!

Stuart Spindlow said...
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Stuart Spindlow said...
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Stuart Spindlow said...

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