Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wonderland Tea Party

Alyssa loves Alice in Wonderland, so a Mad Hatter Tea Party was the perfect theme for her 14th birthday!

Alyssa and Caleb have never outgrown playing dress up and I hope they never will!  Costumes are so much fun!

Chocolate-covered strawberries had to be on the menu!  They're such a big hit every time I make them!

I found these candy As at our local candy factory.  The cookies were on the discount rack at the grocery store.  I drizzled the cookies with some of the chocolate I had leftover from the strawberries, added an A and they looked fancy and quirky... perfect for Wonderland!

Milk glass punch cups made the perfect container for jello!

Pickles are always a hit at a tea party for kids or teenagers!  Baby dills were cut into bite-sized chunks and the toothpicks came from the dollar store.

You can't have a tea party without little sandwiches!  I did a cucumber filling and a cheese filling.  Every last one was gobbled up!

I had the cupcake papers and picks leftover from another party and I thought they added interest to the sandwiches.

Cucumber sandwiches are a favorite of my girls!  I make mine with cream cheese, finely diced cucumbers, shredded cheddar and dill.

The cheese filling is just cream cheese and shredded cheese.  It's always a hit! The cheese filling is  good with finely diced pickles added as well.

It took me about a month of checking thrift stores to find perfectly mismatched Wonderland type dishes.  I have A LOT of dishes, but the things we used for Alyssa's party are totally not my style!  It was fun to gather them and see how it all came together.  The cups were all different sizes and colors and it was such a fun colorful table!

My sister made the Cheshire Cat cake!  It came out so cute and perfectly fit with the tablescape.  This was such a fun and easy party to throw!  The kids had their tea party and then watched Alice in Wonderland!  I love that Alyssa still has me throw her birthday parties!  I love seeing her happy face when it all comes together.

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