Friday, February 21, 2014

Feminine Friday: Vintage Sheets

Oh vintage floral sheets... I love you so! 

The pastel colors and floral patterns on vintage sheets are so feminine and pretty!  I love them so much!  I outfit my bed with vintage sheets and I feel like a princess!

So often when I get a bundle of vintage sheets they've all come from the same estate... sometimes dozens of them!  I love to imagine some granny's linen closet piled high with the same sheets she's had since she was a young bride!

I love the ties that vintage items have to the past.  I love imagining who used them and where they got them.

Vintage sheets are great for fabric too!  It so much cheaper to use a vintage sheet for a sewing project instead of buying vintage (or even new) fabric...  They've been preshrunk, they're super soft and you can't get much more feminine!  I saw a picture somewhere of 1950s-60s feminine dresses made from vintage sheets.  I hope to take that project on someday!

These guys aren't vintage sheets, but I recently got them and wanted to show them off!  Aren't they the cutest pink vintage kitties?  The angry one is my fave!  They've taken up residence in my bathroom and I smile every time I see them!  I just love feminine things!

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Jenny Lynn said...

I love vintage sheets. I wish we could see some of the patterns brought back today. I really don't enjoy shopping for new sheets, because I never like any of the patterns that are offered.