Monday, November 26, 2012

Emergency Preparedness Tip: Survival Books

How much of our information do we get from the internet these days?  Typically when we have a question about how to do or make something, we grab our laptop or phone.  In an emergency/disaster situation, chances are we will lose power, cell phone service and/or the internet.  It's a pretty good idea to have a survival book or two on your shelves.  I picked mine up at a thrift store for $1 each.  I keep them in a bucket in my storage room along with some tarps, a small hammer, a fire-starter and a few other emergency items. 

It reminds me of the line from The Walking Dead, "If I had known the world was ending, I'd have brought better books."  I'm sure if or when disaster strikes and people are forced into a short or long term survival situation most of us with common sense could figure things out.  But just like anything else, you can figure things out by trial and error, or you can do it right the first time by using instructions. 

These books can teach you things like building shelter, sanitizing water to drink, starting a fire, plants that are edible, first aid, heating your house and cooking without power...  Some books are about wilderness survival, some are about dealing with emergencies in a city.   It's a buck.  It takes up very little space in your house.  It could save your life or at least make your life easier in a stressful situation.  Why not?


Bridget said...

Great idea Ange! I'll keep my eye out for some!

Gary said...

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