Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why Didn't I Think of This Sooner? Fun and Stylish Ring Holder

I'm excited how cute these turned out!  Of course they don't match my room (Nina is the one with a zebra room), but they'd be perfect for craft fairs or a boutique!  All I did was take pieces of black felt, roll it up, secure the rolls with hot glue and stack them in the shoe.  Each roll was a different size, I just measured and cut as I went to match the part of the shoe the roll would be in.

I didn't glue the rolls to the bottom of the shoes because yes, I do wear these heels on occasion! Aren't they fun?  $5 at Rue 21, which is my favorite clothes store!  These would make fun gifts for teenage girls!  You could split up the pair, attach the rolls to the shoe to make it permanent and you've got a great gift for just a couple of bucks!

Think of the upcycling possibilities!  Vintage looking heels that are too small to actually fit your modern feet could become great ring holders to sit on your vanity or dresser!  You could dress them up with lace or all sorts of embellishments!  Or if you like modern then grab those high heels you'd break your ankle in and make them useful! 


MelMel said...

Great idea with the shoes!
good luck with the interview!xx

Megalamode said...

I can't wait to hear about the visit to the church!