Friday, January 13, 2012

Mason Jar Cakes

These are so adorable!  I whipped them up for the 4th of July and somehow forgot to ever blog about them so here they are 6 months later!  I made them for a cooking class as well and people loved them... they're just so dang fun!

You can use different cake and frosting colors for different holidays or occasions!  They make fabulous gifts as well (think Valentine's Day gifts for lonely single people who will be sitting home eating cake!).  You'll want to refrigerate if you're using homemade frosting or if you plan on making them ahead of time.  Vintage silver spoons look great with the jars or you can use plastic.  If you're serving them immediately don't even worry about the lids!  They look great without!

Mason Jar Cakes
24 regular cupcakes made from a cake mix or homemade
2 cans frosting, or homemade frosting in a contrasting color, use whipped frosting if you can find it
Sprinkles or mini chocolate chips

12  8 oz straight mason jars (NOT wide-mouth), with lids and rings (lids don’t need to be new)
12 x 12 sheet decorative scrapbook paper
Ribbon, string or twine (coordinate with your paper/theme)
12 plastic spoons

Bake the cupcakes without paper liners, making sure to grease the muffin pan well.  Let cool.  Use a jar lid (not ring) to trace 12 circles onto the scrapbook paper and cut out.  If you laminate your paper or cover it with contact paper your circles be reused over and over again.  Place your frosting in a ziplock baggie and cut the corner for easy piping.

To assemble:   Place one cupcake inside the jar, pipe enough frosting on top it will be seen well through the side of the jar.  Add a second cupcake.  You may have to squeeze the cupcakes to fit them in the jar.  Top with more frosting and add sprinkles or mini chocolate chips.  Place a jar lid on the jar and top with a paper circle.  Add the ring and tie a spoon to the jar using ribbon, string or twine.

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Eleanor Pace said...

I like your idea... it's very original! I do keep all the empty jars for capers, olives, pickles... whatever I can put in them.. but I never thought of cakes!