Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick & Easy Ribbon Hair Tie

My sister wasn't aware that it was "red day" for Red Ribbon Week, so Sadie showed up at my house in the morning not wearing any red.  I whipped together a hair tie for her to show her red ribbon spirit!

It's very easy to make a fun ribbony hair tie in any color scheme.  I did all red, but you can do any color combination you like.

If you're unsure how to attach the ribbons to the pony tail holder, here are some step by step pictures of how to tie them on.  If you'd like to add a dab of hot glue, it will be more permanent.  Hot glue the ribbon to itself, not the pony tail holder though.

Ta-da!  It's that easy!  Add lots and lots of ribbons for a full look!  You can choose the length of the ribbons depending on the look you want.

These would make fun Christmas gifts for the little girls in your life!

She loves it!