Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Easy Cookie Dough Truffles

Hi!  I'm Angie and I'm addicted to cookie dough. (hi, Angie)  My children are also addicts.  They really had no chance... it's in their blood.  As I was buying pounds and pounds of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough (dude, I totally had coupons AND earned three free gallons of milk!) I started thinking of how my kids would probably just eat it all and we'd never actually see any warm baked cookies.  Then my wandering mind starting thinking of what I could do with the cookie dough... and an idea was born!

I'm not one of those people who is scared of eating raw cookie dough.  In fact I have been eating it my whole entire life and I'm still alive (last time I checked).  My kids eat it all the time too and have since they were itty bitty.  If you are opposed to eating cookie dough then don't make this recipe and don't tell me about it.  I'm getting ornery in my old age... haha.

Cookie Dough Truffles

30 oz pkg of cookie dough (or adjust chocolate to the pkg size)
12 oz pkg chocolate chips
12 oz pkg white chocolate chips
mini chocolate chips & crushed candy canes

Shape the cookie dough into balls.  Melt chocolate chips in microwave with a bit of oil.  Dip half of the cookie dough balls in the brown chocolate and place on wax paper.  Insert a pick if desired and sprinkle with mini chocolate chips for decoration while chocolate is still wet.

Follow the same steps with the white chocolate, using crushed candy canes to embellish.  Keep refrigerated.

These are freaking good!!!  For real!  I like the brown chocolate ones best, but others liked the white better.  The candy canes make them AWESOME.  I have to say they went down pretty fast in my fridge.  They're way too easy to pop in your mouth as you're looking for a healthy snack!  These would be a big hit at any holiday party for sure!!!

***Warning: Cookie Dough Truffle attract monsters***


Donna said...

I wish these would just materialize right in front of me at the moment...do you deliever?? ;) hahahhaahhahaa (probably doesn't help that I'm almost 7 months pregnant;)

Country Cookin' Mama said...

I bet if someone didn't want to eat some with raw egg they could either make the dough homemade leaving out the egg and possibly adding more butter into it. Or make the dough with powdered egg, which is safe to eat "raw". Sounds yummy!

Valerie said...

My kids love raw cookie dough. I actually have a couple of really, really good recipes for raw cookie dough w/out eggs...if anyone is interested, just let me know.

Marie said...

When I was in high school I worked at a Dairy Queen. We used to steal cookie dough all the time! There was a huge box in the freezer and we used to go back there.

I just saw some cookie dough truffles, Mrs. Fields maybe?, at Target for $5 for a teeny tiny tin!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I would eat them!!! Nom nom nom!!!