Monday, December 27, 2010

Fondue Party, plus Make Your Own Donut Holes

For our family Christmas party this year we decided to do fondue!  I used to do fondue all the time, but with my limited budget, it's a rare treat now.  If you haven't planned out your New Year's Eve or Day menu this will give you an idea or two :)

Fondue Menu:
cheddar cheese (shredded cheese and half & half)
pizza (cream cheese, spaghetti sauce and cheddar)
beef broth
homemade bbq sauce
~savory dippers~
three different breads
chicken nuggets
little smokies
marinated steak chunks (to cook in the broth)
zuchinni (broth)
chocolate (milk chocolate and half & half)
oil (for donut holes and bananas)
~sweet dippers~
refrigerated biscuit dough (donut holes)

I now have THREE electric fondue pots... I found two at yard sales over the summer.  They're all vintage and I love them!

We did chicken nuggets for the littlest kids :)

Which were you this year?  Naughty or Nice?

Homemade donut holes are one of the coolest things to fondue!  The kids get a big kick out of making their own donuts and it's delicious!  All it takes is a can of refrigerator biscuit dough (the cheapy kind is fine!), oil and sugar.  Quarter each biscuit, wrap a biscuit dough quarter around your fondue fork and place it in hot oil until golden.

Roll the hot donut in sugar and enjoy!  These cook up really fast and are a huge hit every time!  Bananas are also delicious cooked in the oil until warm all the way through and rolled in sugar.  They remind me of a dessert I had at a Brazilian restaurant once.  Yum!

Showing off their donuts!  Be sure to always supervise kids around hot oil!


FabFrugalFood said...

My family LOVES fondue - it is so fun on a cold, wintery night! Cheers!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I'm coming to your house..yummm!!!! hey did you hear how the guys across the pond liked their stockings? any news?

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

Thanks for posting this..I've been overthinking fondue because most recipes call for alcohol and I was stressing! Looking forward to a fun day of fondue in the near future!

Kari said...

This is really simple, I love it. I was thinking of a mustard sauce and a sweet and sour sauce. But the BBQ with chicken nuggets is a stroke of genius.