Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bottle Cap Crafts! I *heart* them!

I love the bottle cap magnets I keep on my chalk board, but I decided to do more with bottle caps. I save them whenever we have bottle drinks so I have quite a collection.  Here's how to do it!

First, cut small circles from scrapbook paper. Next, brush Mod Podge inside the bottle cap and place your paper inside. Mod Podge can be brushed on the top of the paper too to seal it.  Pour Glossy Accents into the bottle cap. Glossy Accents is a pretty cool product. Just be sure to NOT shake the bottle and to move very slowly to avoid air bubbles.

Use E-6000 glue to attach your bottle caps, you can also use craft glue, but E-6000 should last longer.

The next morning the Glossy Accents dries to a hard, clear, glossy finish! So pretty! What an inexpensive and fun Christmas gift for neighbors, teachers or visiting teachers! Think ahead and start making them now! What else could you glue the bottle caps to?

I bought my E-6000 on sale for 30% off and had a 40% off coupon for the Glossy Accents... both products seem a little pricey, but if you can use coupons they aren't bad. Plus, they make a ton of projects!

You know me and hair accessories! I GUESS you could make them for the little girls in your life... I make hair things for myself and occasionally let my daughters borrow them!

I attached the bottle cap to an old hair clip. These would make super fun Christmas gifts as well! It would be really easy to drill a hole in the bottle cap and make a necklace or earrings too!


Paper said...

Ok love I absolutely *heart* you, and your blog, but I wanted to anonymously comment about something because I'm too chicken you-know-what to do it with my real name. We have never met in real life and I don't think we've ever even chatted online in any form but I've been a blog reader for quite awhile now.

You are a beautiful, beautiful woman. Stop hiding your beauty behind heavy black eyeliner and black nailpolish! I used to do the exact same thing (oh, the goth-ness of 90s highschool...) but realized I much prefer an extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning, heh.

I would LOVE the chance to 'do you over', makeup wise. You have amazing skin and I adore your hair!! I think that with your particular style...

- which I totally dig, by the way and love these new hairclips! -

...I think that a lighter makeup would really suit you - nothing 'girly', heaven forbid (trust me, I am ANYTHING but girly myself). But a lighter eyeliner color (a brown maybe?) and a more natural nailpolish would really allow your true beauty to shine!!

Trust me - I am not at ALL an expert on makeup. I am afraid of eyeshadow and have been wearing the same color lipstick for, oh, 5 years? Yeah. But I can picture you with a different makeup application and I just wanted you to know.

Hopefully you can see that I'm in no way trying to be malicious or rude or anything! I am reaching out out of nothing but friendliness. You know, the same way a friend would tell you (hopefully) if you had like, spinach in your teeth or something, LOL! PLEASE feel free to totally disregard this and chalk it up to 'some internet weirdo', if you'd like!! And, if you don't have comment approval you can totally delete this comment!!


terri sammons~~Life is Good~~ said...

hey Angie!! I love u!!! no really!! U just gave me some great ideas for my family for Christmas gifts!! Thanks so much for all u share!! I also love that u are u and have your very own unique personality and style, as i prefer we all have!! Thanks again for the post!! ~~peace and blessings~~ terri

The American Homemaker said...

ummm Paper? The whole reason I blocked anonymous comments on my blog was because of judging chickens LOL

I wore lighter colored makeup for years and years (brown eyeliner, etc) and I look at pics of myself and yeah, not so much a fan. I quite enjoy my unique style. The nail polish I wear isn't even black, it's dark shades or purples and blues and I love them! :) I have billions of colors of nail polish, but this is what I prefer. I'm not hiding behind anything at all. I wear what I like because thank goodness I have no self esteem issues (I did for years when I was married) and don't really care what people think of my looks. I wear what makes me happy. I don't mind being teased for my occasional "goth" looks BUT that being said I have no issues being seen with light or no makeup.

In fact I have a meeting I have to leave for in 20 minutes and haven't even started getting ready! haha.

It doesn't take me any longer in the morning to put on black eyeliner as it does brown, so no biggie. I am a girly girl and LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup and hair stuff! I have tons of every color and have worn different stuff over the years. Right now I'm finding myself quite adorable as is! How many women can say that they are totally confident in their looks? :)

I'm assuming you live semi-near me if you're wanting to make me over? If so, quit being a chicken and bring it on! We'll do a blog posting about it if you can find enough guts to own up to your public bashing of my makeup! LOL I can tell you though, I'm very comfortable with my look and have seen myself with every possible color on. I mean, heck, I used to sell Mary Kay, there isn't a color combo I haven't tried at some point... so you aren't really going to do anything other than give me more blog posting material. But like I said, bring it on. I'm always up for playing dress up.

M. said...

Came on here to get ideas with what to do with all of these beer bottle caps I've collected (SUPER awesome, thank you!) but wanted to comment on paper's post:

Live and let live.

I think comparing how Angie looks to telling her she has spinach in her teeth is awkward. I totally dig the punk look, not many people can successfully pull off black hair, which I think you do beautifully.

I don't see you hiding behind anything at all. Enjoy who you are!