Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kids' Christmas Goodie Bags

Purchasing gifts for all of my kids' "best friends" can get pricey and we've been slacking at making anything this year, so off to Walmart I went... and let me just share with you my Walmart experience...

The kids and I went to Walmart and bought the candy for these little goodie bags. I got home, emptied the bags and realized I was missing most of my stuff. I went back to Walmart, checked with the cashier I had purchased my items from and was told to go to customer service.

 I stood in line got up to the front and realized I had left my receipt in the car.... went back to my car, got my receipt, walked back in, stood in line and then waited while they tried to track down my bag of stuff... finally they had me just go back around the store gathering up all the items I was missing and get back in the long line so they could bag the stuff for me.

By the time I finally got back home with the stupid stuff I was SO not in a holiday mood! But... seeing the kids having so much fun putting together their friends' gifts cheered me up just a bit.

Each goodie bag has a marshmallow snowman, a little chocolate Santa and a holiday ring sucker inside. I bought the cellophane bags at the dollar spot in Target (LOVE Target!) We did 17 goodie bags for under $10 and the kids are so happy to have something to give their buddies.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an adventure for sure. But it looks like it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

wow that is awesome! kirsten and charley have gone and bought little gifts for their friends/siblings but i wish i'd have thought of this instead, i would still have some pennies else!! lol

caleb is such a dude, he just cant be serious can he? LOL