Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homemade Lunchables :)

I think all kids love "Lunchables". I'm not so much a fan of paying $1 or more for each one though, so we make ours homemade. The kids get a fun lunch... I don't have to waste my money... it's win-win! I don't do the american cheese slice thing, so they're getting a healthier lunch too.

We have been using older boxes of baggies from my grandma's house and Alyssa picked up this one and said,"So is this like some old fashioned baby finger?" I was laughing so hard. I have the weirdest kids!


Anonymous said...

I am 26 and this still looks like a good idea for me, lol! I bring those lunchable to work all the time and it really is such a waste of money. I am going to take your idea:)

The Garden of Egan said...

Your kids crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Very cleaver! I work in the lunch room at my children's school, where I watch many different lunches get thrown away. I like that your children were involved.