Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Homemade Frozen Burritos and How to Core a Pineapple :)

This is not a burrito or a pineapple, but how sweet is this milk glass cup? I LOVE the pink rim :)

Anyways.... Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days the kids and I have play practice until 5pm, which means dinners need to be quick and easy. Burritos are a staple at our house. I know I've posted the recipe before, but it's a good one.

Bean Burritos

refried beans (I use fat-free)

Spread the tortillas with refried beans, sprinkle with cheese, roll up and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. The kids just pick them up and eat them plain. I dip mine in salsa and low-fat sour cream. I always make extras so I can freeze them. They make awesome lunches for the kids and I. Simply pull out of the bag and microwave. They're so much yummier than store-bought frozen burritos!

And for all of you that are scared to buy a fresh pineapple (I was for years) I thought I'd show you the super simple way to make it edible :) As we get into melon season, I'll share the easy way to slice a melon too... working in restaurants taught me some fun skills.

First you chop the top off, then using a serrated bread knife, cut the pineapple into halves, then fourths, then eighths.

Next, using the same knife, slice the skin away. It's easiest if you don't slice all the way through the end, leaving something to hold onto. Leave enough skin that you avoid the eyes (the pineapple's eyes, not your own... LOL, although you should probably avoid those too!). Then you cut away the core, slicing all the way through the end you had left.

Serve as spears or cut into cubes... enjoy!

Thanks for the well-wishes for my brother. He left for Navy boot camp today. My other brother joined the Navy a couple of months ago. I also have many other military family members including my own hubby! We LOVE the military around our house!!!


Loraine said...

Considering how expensive and unhealthy factory made burritos are, I think I just might try your idea! Thanks for stopping by...

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Ooooh, that pineapple looks delicious. We just gogt back from Hawaii and I debated bringing one back!

ukyankoz said...

Thanks for the tutorial and the recipe! And I do love the flowers in the milk jug; I've been trying to do something like that forever - just have to find the right vintage cup!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Great idea with the burritos! I don't know why I never thought of it. I hate how expensive and fatty the storebought ones are, and I have buckets and buckets of black beans languishing in my food storage. You're a genius!

Pink Slippers said...

We sure love burritos here. With lots of cheese and green sauce.

Carla said...

Darling daisies:)

Blessings to your military people! I love your easy burrito idea and that pineapple is do-able!

Anonymous said...

I have always avoided buying a pineapple. LOL! I am now going to try it.

I like the frezzing extra burritos.

Stephanie said...

We love the military too. My dad is retired Air Force and my younger brother is going to school as ROTC for the Marines. My sister's husband is also in the Air Force.

Those burritos look so yummy and easy! I love homemade convenience food. We do this with all sorts of stuff - muffins and pancakes, cooked beans, etc. We freeze the extra and then use it when we need the convenience of pre-prepared food.