Monday, December 8, 2008

Primitive Candy Canes & Candles

These are so cute and made with dollar store plastic candy canes.

First thing you do is melt some wax.   I kept the can with a bit of wax in it from my last wax project so I could reuse it for more crafty fun.

I used a white pillar candle from the dollar store to melt down, any wax will work.  Thrift stores always have cheap candles that you can melt down.  Add pumpkin pie spice to the wax... just a bit if you want them to be light colored.

To get the fun grungy texture on the candy canes, wrap thin strips of white fabric around the plastic canes.  Hot glue the tips.

Place the wrapped canes on wax paper and use a silicone brush to cover them.  It will take three or so layers.  Here they are all covered in yummy smelling wax... I also did a cute little candle while I was at it.

So pretty and primitive!

They look good enough to eat!

Then I did some more votive candles. I added a lot more pumpkin pie spice and a piece of a broken red candle into the wax to get the dark color.

These seriously are awesome.  They look and smell delicious!


Elizabeth said...

Aren't you Crafty McCrafterson this week!

CC said...

This is absolutel the coolest craft I've seen in awhile. You hafta know that later today I will scamper to the dollar store for supplies. :).
And least a dollar per candle. They're just too cute.

Laurie from Amish Country said...

$1/candle is not too much! I have seen votives for double that and these are much nicer because they are handcrafted.
Great work! I have some damaged candles that were for luminary bags, that I got for free, so I have the wax, now I just need to get some votives and also must get some candy canes as well...these are great projects.

Katie @ said...

I never thought to use those candycanes in such a way. How clever! They look beautiful and rustic instead of, well, cheap and dollar store!

Anonymous said...

I love candles, but we have a distinct aversion to them lately since our down-the-street neighbor nearly burned down their house after leaving one burning at night when they went to bed! (NOT recommended...)

Hope y'all enjoy the snowflakes!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I have linked you on my side bar at the top of my blog. I have many more Holiday Show & Share, to share.

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...


YOu need to sell your crafts, seriously!

Zebu said...

I love your candles! What did you use as a votive mold, and how did you get them out once cooled? Great ideas--I was just looking at an old used up candle of mine today and thinking that I needed to recycle the wax.

Maybe you could do $1 apiece or 3/$2 or $2.50.

Carla said...

I'm a winner, I'm a winner!!! Thank you so much, your grungy candy cane go perfect with the other colors of your decorations! How smart to use wax to get the look you want! (Smarty pants:)

Ashlee and Nathanael said...

Those candy canes are so cute! And I think that $1 is a great price, (you know how cheap people are!) Anyway, love love love your cute ideas.