Friday, February 7, 2014

Feelin' Feminine

Femininity is a beautiful trait women are blessed with.  Here are a couple of things that make me feel feminine:

Spending time with my daughters always makes me feel feminine!  I love being with them and I love being a mom of teenage girls!  I know it sounds crazy, but being able to relate to them and teach them and yes, even get frustrated at them is something I am so grateful for!  My girls are growing into really beautiful women and I'm proud of them!  I love to see the choices and decisions they're making and see the feminine traits they have, even if they try to hide them.  One thing I try to teach my girls is that being feminine doesn't make them weak... They haven't quite grasped it yet.  They want to prove they can do everything that boys can, but I hope that it clicks with them at some point that just because they can do it doesn't mean they have to...  Women and men should celebrate their differences, not try to prove why we're all the same!

I know that it sounds weird to say that being a mom to a boy makes me feel feminine, but it does!  Caleb already has such a love and respect for women that it makes my heart happy!

He opens my door when we're walking into a store, he'll come out to my car and see if I have any groceries that need carried in when I get home, he fusses over me when I have a busy day and tells me I should relax and take breaks.  He takes really good care of me and that makes me feel feminine!  Any time a man is looking out for my well being I feel feminine, even if that man is only 12!

Chocolate.  With raspberries.  In a pink wrapper.  With a vintage design.  *swoon*  What's more feminine than that?  If you want a girly treat, this is it!

Dresses always make me feel feminine because...well, they're dresses!  Vintage dresses always bring that femininity to another level.  Whether it's a 1950s party dress or a 1970s dress that semi-resembles couch fabric, vintage dresses make me feel feminine!

Add jewelry, heels, tights and everything else that goes with a dress and people can't help notice you're a girl!

What's made you feel feminine this week?  I encourage you to acknowledge and seek out those things that make you feel feminine!

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