Friday, September 6, 2013

Autumny Rice Crispy Treats

First off, I want to share the link to a blog posting the host of the Fleaology vintage markets did about Millie the pink glamper!  Pollyanna Reinvents is filled with all sorts of vintage ideas!  Be sure to comment and let her The American Homemaker sent you her way!

Now on to the treats:

I love rice crispy treats!  Does anyone NOT like them?  I mean seriously... What's not to like?  This time of year I like to add autumn touches to my deliciousness.  These rice crispy treats weren't made with just rice crispy cereal, but that was out of necessity.  I was going through the half boxes/bags of cereals on the top of my fridge and there were two partial boxes of rice crispies... I thought it would be enough, but it wasn't.  The half box of rice chex filled in nicely.  Rice crispies... rice chex... it's the same idea!  So basically use whatever rice cereal you have!  My marshmallows also came from a couple of open (half melted in my cupboard) packages.  The entire cookie sheet full of treats was gone in 2 days!  They were a big hit!  Plus anytime I have homemade goodies for the kids after school they think I'm a fabulous mom, so they were double good!

Autumny Rice Crispy Treats

1 c. butter
15 c. rice crispies
10-ish cups marshmallows, about 20oz
1 TBSP pumpkin pie spice
2 TBSP molasses

Cook butter over medium heat in a saucepan while gathering ingredients and supplies.  Stir occasionally.  Let it simmer until slightly golden brown.  Meanwhile grease a cookie sheet and place cereal into a large bowl.

Add marshmallows, pumpkin pie spice and molasses to butter.  Stir over low-medium heat until marshmallows are melted.  Pour marshmallow-butter mixture over cereal and stir well.  Spread onto greased cookie sheet.  Press down with greased spatula or greased hands.  Cut into squares once cool.  Yummy!

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Jean said...

Oh, those sound intriguing! I would have never thought to throw pumpkin pie spice into them. Of course, around here the rice crispy treat order is PLAIN, PLAIN, PLAIN. I still might have to try them just for myself though.