Friday, May 17, 2013

Vintage Tupperware Planters

I feel like a genius!  These beautiful vintage Tupperware strainers make the BEST planters!  The color is amazing, they already have drainage holes and they're Tupperware so they won't be ruined by water or being outside.  Plus, they don't get hot like metal and they retain the moisture in the dirt well!

This small lavender strainer makes a fun planter too!  I bought the flowers from the high school greenhouse. I had no idea that high schools raise and sell garden plants!  Nina is in the plants & soil FFA science class this year (according to her, everyone else in the class are rednecks... haha) so I've had the chance to buy poinsettias, flowers and tomato plants from the school greenhouse.  I have been crazy impressed with the quality of the plants.  Even the carnation corsage she made in the class lasted three weeks in my fridge before I finally just threw it away.  I think I'll keep buying from them in years to come.


Anne Alagna said...

one week! I soooo wish I could get out to Utah for it! I'm so bummed I have to miss it.

mamajuliana said...

Yeah! ON my birthday....great stuff happens on the 25th of May!
Here is to happiness!!!