Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fun New Projects with Chalk Paint and Chalkboard Paint

This is a cute little silverware project!  I've been making homemade chalk paint (and chalkboard paint) and having lots of fun with it!  These little cutting boards turned out adorable!  They're cuter in real life too!  Cutting boards and silverware can be found for super cheap at yard sales this time of year, so this is an inexpensive but really fun project!  I simply painted the cutting boards, spray painted cheap silverware and glued the two together!

If you've never made chalk paint, don't be scared!  Chalk paint is all the rage with refinishing furniture right now.  The look is very vintage and very fabulous!  I don't measure mine at all and it comes out great every time!  I simply put a couple of spoonfuls of plaster powder which is really cheap for a big tub at Hobby Lobby ($2.99 regular price, but don't forget to use your 40% off!) into a container and add roughly the equal amount of water and stir well.  Next I add paint. 

I use straight craft paint for small projects or white satin latex (regular house paint) mixed with craft paint for color for bigger projects.  It's super inexpensive and I love the finish.

If you can't tell, I'm really into the vintage light blues/teals at the moment... Of course those colors don't really match my house, but that's the beauty of selling the things I make!  I get to paint the pretty colors and don't have to find a place for the items.

For chalk BOARD paint, as in, you can write on the project with chalk, you stir about 2TBSP unsanded grout powder into like a half cup of whatever paint your heart so desires.  I bought my grout at Home Depot for about $5 for a small tub.  It totally works!  I like to do several coats to make sure it really sticks.  I even painted an old metal pizza pan with chalkboard paint for Alyssa's room and it turned out fabulously!

I like to use the cheapo craft paint so I can get fun colors!  This chalkboard was originally a "welcome" sign with an apple painted on it.  It was totally outdated and the chalkboard paint turned it into a totally cool piece!

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