Friday, December 28, 2012

Sorting Candy: Money Saving Tip!

How was your Christmas?  Ours was great!  Everyone got what they wanted and we had a nice relaxing day as a family.  The kids are spending a few days at their dad's house now and I'm spending some time catching up on laundry, house-cleaning and blogging.  I haven't taken down the Christmas decorations yet, but I think that will come tomorrow.  We're having a few people over for New Year's Eve and I'd like to have my everyday decorations back up by then.

I love taking advantage of after-Christmas clearances to stock up on Easter basket stuffers and birthday gifts...  Another thing that goes on sale for half-off (or cheaper) is Christmas candy.

A trick I've been using since the dawn of time (you know, like back in the '90s) is to buy Hersheys Kisses and m&ms and sort them for Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day.  Hersheys Kisses are such a traditional party of V-Day... You know with all that romantic kissing and crap, but have you ever thought to buy the red, green and silver Christmas Kisses for half off and sort them out?  It save a ton of money!  A lot of times you can find coupons for candy that don't expire for a couple days after Christmas as well which means you can buy them for almost free (or totally free).

M&ms take a little more time to sort than Kisses, but I love making m&m cookies for Valentines day with all red m&ms.  They also work great to decorate sugar cookies.

This year I found cherry cordial m&m that will make delightful cherry Valentines cookies!  If you freeze the m&ms before adding them into baked goods it opens the door up even more!  How about fudge with cherry cordial m&ms throughout?  Freeze them first and they won't smash up in the warm fudge!

St. Patrick's Day follows soon after Valentine's Day so those green candies won't go unused! 

It only takes a minute to sort out the candy, but it saves you money!  Get the kids to help you!  Little kids actually love sorting!  Get the bigger kids to take notes and pictures as the sort and use it as a science project!  They could figure out if there is an even number of each color of m&ms in the Christmas bags and if every bag has the same percentage of each. 

I might be a little kooky in my money-saving adventures, but every penny adds up!


Anne Alagna said...

I have to say that I never thought about buying. sorting and saving! We always just eat it right away. LOL! I think I will do this when I hit the store later. Thanks for the tip. PS, our Christmas decorations stay up through the Epiphany (Jan 6) and then come down. I suppose I could throw in a few celebratory decorations for the new year but doubt it will happen. I'm still too bah humbug... although we should have the kids back in town by then which might change how I feel. ;)

Garden of Egan said...

Great idea

Cindi said...

I love the idea of sorting the kisses, and I will do that...but M&M's would be harder for me. I wouldn't want hands touching the unwrapped candy in order to sort them. Just a quirky thing with me! I know that wouldn't bother everyone.:/