Saturday, July 21, 2012

Farmhouse Chic Living Room Mini-Makeover

I am still totally in love with my all white Farmhouse Chic living room!  It's been over a year and I still smile every time I walk through the front door.  Last weekend I decided I needed to make a few changes though and I'm so happy with how they all turned out!

My brown piano was beautiful but too dark for a shabby chic home.  I also had to take down my awesome vintage dairy strainer to make way for the piano and it hasn't had a home since.

This ceiling fan was not only ugly, it quit working last summer and then the kids broke one of the glass shades (with a devil's pitchfork... not even kidding).  If you look in the bottom left corner you'll see a bit of the front door I never painted last year... not sure why.

The shades on this antique lamp didn't quite match the living room.  They matched my couches pre-slipcovers.  The flowers annoyed me and the mason jar lamp had a boring shade.

I ditched the shades and covered the cardboard with red and white scrapbook paper for an updated sleek look.

I covered the lamp shade with a 1939 sugar sack.  I got rid of the flowers and contained the milk bottles to a vintage enamelware pan.   One of the milk bottles was a recent find.  It was the only one without a original label so I bought a red star sticker at Hobby Lobby to fill in.

I placed a vintage doily on the shelf.  It was a recent .25 find.  I replaced a bird with a vintage honey pot.

The picnic baskets used to be on the floor.  I placed them on a white stool topped with another .25 doily.  I'm not sure if the baskets really fit in... They may be too colorful.  Thoughts?

I finally painted my front door and installed a milk glass light fixture!  It looks so much better!

My giant dairy strainer found a home!  This strainer is one of my favorite treasures!

I love my antique mason jar chandelier!  I debated and debated on what kind of lights to use and then I decided I don't need lights!  It was really easy to make!  I spray painted a rusty old canner rack and some rusty canning lids white (they would have been great rusty too!) and picked out some of my oldest canning jars.  The white chain and S hooks were pretty inexpensive at Home Depot.  The whole chandelier cost me just a few bucks!

The milk glass chandelier was $5 at a yard sale.  I love it a lot!  It's so much better than the old brown ceiling fan!

My piano makes me so happy!  I love it so much!


Richard and Edi Halstead said...

I have been on the lookout for a new light to replace my old 80's fan in my living room, I love the one you found. The mini make over looks great.

Barbara said...

It looks wonderful. You have a good eye and lots of talent.