Monday, November 21, 2011

Felt Sushi Tutorial

I have been in a CRAFTY mood lately!  This is just one of the projects I did today.  Y'all know I'm a big time sushi fan... It is definitely my favorite food.  I decided I wanted to recreate the goodness in felt.  I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with them, but they are pretty dang cute!  I'm addicted to making felt food.  I MAY let my niece and nephew play with them... we'll see! haha

One thing I like about making felt sushi is you can use up little random scraps of felt.

You can get just about any fish, veggies, fruits or meats in sushi at a sushi house (yum!), so feel free to play with whatever colors you want in your play sushi!

For the rice you'll want to cut two pieces of white felt.  I like to use pinking shears to add rice texture.  My rice pieces are 1 1/2" x 9" (the short side of a felt sheet).

Place your sushi insides on the rice.  I like to use tacky glue to help hold it all together.

Once you have your filling in place, roll up the rice tightly.  If one white piece ends up longer than the other (it happens), trim the end so they're both the same size.

With white thread stitch the sushi roll closed.

Maneuver your rice and fillings so it looks nice.

Cut a piece of black felt to fit around the rice.  Use regular scissors since seaweed is cut straight.  Use glue to help hold the seaweed felt in place.

Stitch the black felt with black thread the same as you did the white.

Ta-da!!!!!  You're done!!!

I think they came out so great! I made each of them different.  I can't wait to make more too!  My felt sushi came out WAY better than my attempt to make real homemade sushi!

HAHAHAHA!!!  It was yummy, but entirely unattractive!  I think I need to take a sushi class!

There you have it!  "Delicious" sushi for your little ones to play with!


Garden of Egan said...

Your felt sushi is cute. I haven't seen anything like that ever.
I saw a felt Mr. Potato head on pinterest. That made me laugh too.

It's great that you could have a girls night out.
Sounds like you have been so busy.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Country Cookin' Mama said...

You should sell those on etsy! very cute!