Friday, March 18, 2011

My Peaceful Bedroom

I've decided I really must need a peaceful happy place to escape to because more and more of my house is becoming all white as I'm decorating and unpacking.  I never planned to have an all white bedroom, but as I've been putting together my room it's ended up that way and I LOVE it!  Just being in my room calms me down.

You may recognize my full-length mirror; it's the one I've had for years, it's just white now.  The white dresser is from the house my grandma grew up in.  It's from the 1930s. You can see a glimpse of the original hard-wood floods in this picture.

The vanity and bench will be one of my summer time painting projects.  It's good enough for right now, but I think it needs a fresh coat of paint.  It will probably end up all white too... but we'll see, I may surprise myself.

This light fixture was a $2 thrift store find.  It was pink and green, but spray paint fixed that!

The entertainment center was given to me by a friend.  It was a light oak color and didn't look bad in the room, but the white paint really freshened it up!


Arya said...

I just love your bedroom! & Roxie is just too cute! I am still unpacking boxes (or rather shuffling boxes til I find a place for everything)...You constantly amaze me with all you have time to do!

Keep up the awesome work Wonder woman!

Kari said...

I put shears up in my daughters' bedroom. Looks great and I can access the whole closet. Which I really need with three girls. But admittedly, it's usually pushed aside.