Monday, September 20, 2010

Soda Pop Jelly

I love canning unique recipes and you can't get much more unique than Root Beer Jelly or Cherry Coke Jelly. Jelly is made of nothing more than juice and sugar so why not use soda pop? There's really no nutritional value in jelly and the kids love it! I've heard that Root Beer Jelly was first made during the depression days when you made do with whatever you had on hand... not sure if that's true, but it makes sense. The Cherry Coke Jelly is really different, but good. The Root Beer Jelly is my kids' favorite! These are fabulous on toast, muffins or a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

A jar of Soda Pop jelly is a super fun gift idea! Time to start looking ahead to neighbor and teacher Christmas gifts!

Soda Pop Jelly
2 c. soda pop
6 c. sugar
1 c. water
3 oz liquid pectin

Combine all ingredients except pectin. Heat to boiling, stirring to dissolve sugar. Once the mixture reaches a boil add pectin. Stir constantly to bring to a boil and boil hard for 30 seconds. Skim off foam, if needed*. Pour into sterile, hot jars and process for 5 minutes in a boiling water bath canner. I got 6 1/2 half pints.

*You can place the foam into a bowl and microwave it for 30-60 seconds (depending on how much you have). It turns back into jelly which is a great way to taste test!


Stephanie said...

Wow, that looks so cool and unique! I think I want to try it with cream soda, and lemon-lime.

No Ordinary Me said...

Very cool. I have never heard of soda pop jelly.

Arya said...

What a sweet and cool idea!! I will have to try this sometime! It's going into my file of things to try!!

Garden of Egan said...

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING???? I have never heard of such a thing.
Sounds wonderful.
I know my grandkids would love it.

I wonder how Pepsi jelly would taste?
Probably awesome.
You are too clever. Thanks for posting cuz I'm gonna try it.

Frankye B said...

what it i dont have a boiling water bath canner? mah bob?

Linnea Kirby said...

I made this last weekend and it was fantastic. Did have to re-process it as it didn't set... Next time will boil for a min.

Can someone tell me, can I reduce some root beer to make it stronger tasting?