Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shepherd's Pie: Utah Style

Shepherd's Pie is made a lot of different ways, but I'd like to share with you the Utah version. My mom HATES shepherd's pie with a passion. HATES it! So I grew up never trying it and thinking it was the most horrible food in the world. I tried it for the first time when I was a cook at a day care a few years ago and I loved it. I made my brother and sister try it too and they also liked it. I made sure I texted my mom and told her what we were eating for the first time :)

Two of my kids don't like it, but I love it so they're out of luck!

Shepherd's Pie

1 lb hamburger, browned & drained
1 can tomato soup
1 can green beans, drained
mashed potatoes

Mix the hamburger, soup and green beans together. Place in a 9x13 pan. Top with mashed potatoes and cover with cheese. Bake at 350 until hot.

I asked some facebook friends how they felt about shepherd's pie and I got a like it, two loves it, one hubby lovin' it and two hates its :) I took leftovers to work and my friend there loved it. So I think this is a love it or hate it dinner. How do you make shepherd's pie and does your family love it or hate it?


Small House said...

I like Shepherds pie to. Instead of beans we add corn. We use the potato pearls from the cannery. Saves on time and ENERGY!! Which reminds me, I NEED MORE!
Have a good day.

Janene said...

I haven't had Shepherds Pie in years!
But, Mmmmmm! we all love it!
Which reminds me, I should add that to my menu soon!
Thanks for the reminder!!!

Becca said...

I love it, but I make it with a mix of ground turkey, ground beef and sometimes sausage. My meat mixture has a lot of spices etc in it, but no soup... then if I'm not feeling lazy, I do the really good potatoes with garlic and ricotta cheese etc THEN top with more cheese. We do veggies on the side.

Stephanie said...

Love it, absolutely love it! I used canned diced tomatoes instead of tomato soup, add some Worcestershire sauce, and mix an egg in with the potatoes to stiffen them up a bit, but other than that it's pretty much the same. It's one of my favorite foods! But I won't be eating any for quite a while because I hate ground beef this pregnancy.

Momza said...

Shepherd Pie is my 18 yo daughter's most favorite meal I make! She loves it...and mine looks just like this...yum.