Friday, May 15, 2009

Prim Cinnamon Candle

I put this candle in my get-rid-of box and then I pulled it back out and decided to prim it up :) I brushed melted wax on it and rolled it in cinnamon. I love the way it turned out. Next I need to add a little something into the bowl around the candle. Any suggestions?


Stephanie said...

Dried flowers or potpourri might look nice. I love the way the candle turned out!

Woman Interrupted said...

some kind of nuts still in the shell

Arya said...

I think some pine cones (small size) dusted with gold paint would really accent this candle. You can always dip the pine cones in melted candle wax too...I have done this and used them as starters for the wood burning stove we had in our last place.

The French Bear said...

I like all of the above ides, you could add small pieces of cinnamon. The candle looks awesome!
Margaret B

Kelly said...

It looks terrific! And yummy! In fact, I want kind of eat it, Angie, LOL!

Could you put buttons in the bowl to prim it up even more? Just a loose mix of buttons.

Anonymous said...

i would have suggested pot pourri but someone suggested it already! then i would have said fruit but it would have to be eaten and you'd be back to square one again! :)

or you could use those natrual coloured stones?

debs x