Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crockpot Black Beans

I've made a goal to use up as many beans, rice, etc that I can from my food storage before I move. It will help save grocery money during these next six weeks and it will be less obnoxious boxes for me to move. Juice and pop bottles are how I store my rice, beans, sugar and other food storage items. You can see, even a 20 oz pop bottle will hold a pound of dried beans. These bottles are bug proof and cheap :)

Crockpot beans need to be started the night before. Beans made this way are so simple and are so much cheaper than canned. The first thing you want to do with your beans before you cook them is sort them and wash them in cold water. Look at all the "stuff" I found in this little bottle of beans. You definitely wanna sort them. LOL

After you've sorted and rinsed your beans, put them in some sort of container with a bunch of water. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

The next morning, drain the water off, rinse them well and place in your crockpot. Fill the crockpot up most of the way with water and cook on low all day. That's it! Beans are so easy and they freeze super well. You can sort them into can-sized portions, place in ziplock bags and freeze. This pound made enough beans for dinner (with leftovers) and a good-sized bagful for another meal.


Woman Interrupted said...

Good reminder because I have a bag of every kind of bean imaginable in my pantry. (I even make them without soaking if I forget the night before and yes, it causes more gas that way!)

Since it's getting hotter, I'd love to hear more of your crock pot recipes...who wants to turn on the oven or stand over the stove right now?!

Jenny in Utah said...

Wahoo - go black beans!!! You have inspired me to buy more bags and less cans!!! :)

Ashlee and Nathanael said...

I use my crock pot for beans too, like you said they are cheaper than canned. I use beans mostly in chili but I'm trying a few more recipes, do you have any really good ones?

Anonymous said...

I think i'm beginning to see black beans in a different light! Long enough under your direction I'm sure I'll be a whizz at good meals with them!!


Carla said...

Ok, the storing in the soda bottle is new to me!! Thanks:)